My Mockingbird wig came today! Still need to style and trim it, but I just had to try it on! :D

When someone does your favorite character and does them right… You fangirl and fangirl hard.

When that someone who cosplays your favorite character right, becomes your friend… You fangirl 100 times harder! xD

(This is the Neji-sama I met at London MCM this May, just look at that perfection~ Was like meeting a living, breathing, walking, talking Neji~ :D)


(If any of the cosplayers see these pictures, please either contact me or reblog and tag yourself)

MCM London Cosplay - Sasuke, and Orochimaru vs Second Hokage.

(I was the Dragon Sage Kabuto :} )

Anonymous asked:
haha i doubt that... but i still laugh when i see Armin Armout xD

…Connies mum

Anonymous asked:
Coz i havent made my 4-point shruiken yet!

xD id love to know who this is anon lol xxx

Anonymous asked:
If i dressed up as Tifa, would you wanna get a hotel and play fight then do down on each other?

Why dressed as Tifa? xD

Upcoming cosplay’s! Hopefully they will all be done by the end of this year, possibly show them off at London mcm expo! (Gunji, Yata Misaki and Reno)

Also thinking of doing, Horuss (homestuck) C2  and Lloyd Asplund ( code geass)  Eleanor Lamb (bioshock 2) and Heine Rammsteiner (DOGS: Bullets & Carnage)

My future husband, not even kidding.

Might have to cosplay him really soon… Yes, Yes I think this is a thing I will do!

Just wondering if there are any K-Project cosplayers in the UK going to the London comic con in October?

I’m looking for a Fushimi Saruhiko to go with my Yata Misaki! Or a Mikoto to follow around xD