Upcoming cosplay’s! Hopefully they will all be done by the end of this year, possibly show them off at London mcm expo! (Gunji, Yata Misaki and Reno)

Also thinking of doing, Horuss (homestuck) C2  and Lloyd Asplund ( code geass)  Eleanor Lamb (bioshock 2) and Heine Rammsteiner (DOGS: Bullets & Carnage)

My future husband, not even kidding.

Might have to cosplay him really soon… Yes, Yes I think this is a thing I will do!

Just wondering if there are any K-Project cosplayers in the UK going to the London comic con in October?

I’m looking for a Fushimi Saruhiko to go with my Yata Misaki! Or a Mikoto to follow around xD

Kabuto sage mode - Cosplay make up test!

Finally got the yellow contacts and round glasses. I tried threading the horns through the wig instead of on a headband, so hopefully they will be more secure! 

I will update soon as the umbilical snake is finshed

Ignore the red and blue, call it symbolic of whatevs >//< My other wig is drying and my white headphones are still in the mail! 

cursed to be forever imperfect!  but yes, have some HOMRA Vangard jerk offs! xD

Taking some more closet cosplay requests because why not!

-Though I may only do one or two depending>_< sleepy Ledcat is sleepy

More Kabuto costests. Got the wig, the contacts! Making umbilical-snake as we talk!

Clearly I need a Historia to distract me ….. There has to be one out there xD

Test run of Ymir cosplay!

Anonymous asked:
Can you do closet cosplays? If so, can you do me some Aoba from dmmd? :]

Sure can! Bear with me on this one cause it’s a tricky closet cosplay to do. 
Here you go! Some closet closplay Aoba enjoy~ <3